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Interior Consultation / Planning

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Karin Bollinger: "Customers become friends"

"Our home is the most intimate environment. This is where we feel safe, relax, entertain, grow up and spend time with our loved ones. Whether a small studio or large houses, I realize projects with a lot of passion, care and attention. The challenge in my job lies in responding to the client's wishes, making personal recommendations and then, together with the client, implementing the design in such a way that they experience a wow effect. It often happens that a couple comes to us with very different ideas - sec versus playful. It is particularly important to gain customer confidence and score points with creativity. In my projects I often accompany the customers for months, with some customers I work on the third or even fourth project, so it often happens that customers become friends".

The sofa is the most important piece of furniture. Then it should be cosy and comfortable.

Karin Bollinger, co-owner of Colombo la famiglia, originally comes from the fashion world, but has never really left it since switching to Colombo. She has kept her sense for changes in society and the resulting trends and expanded her sensorium to include the topic of living. In this world, trends change and move with the spirit of the times, sometimes in small, sometimes in larger steps. It's like walking from one room to the next in a large palace. Karin Bollinger is not only inspired by the usual influences from the fashion world and at trade fairs in Milan or at the Maison & Objet in Paris. Karin Bollinger knows many designers personally, she goes in and out of their studios, knows years in advance which ideas are developed, perhaps discarded again or then actually realized years later and come onto the market.

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