Jacqueline Frei

Interior Consultation / Planning

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Jacqueline Frei: «Sorrento armchair by Baxter is a piece of furniture like no other - my very own oasis of well-being»

Jacqueline Frei has been working in interior design for more than 20 years, and has been enriching the Colombo la famiglia team for quite some time. She advises the demanding customers with a lot of passion and empathy and knows exactly how to best meet their individual needs. Hence, the clientele leaves the showroom shining with enthusiasm and its own personal treasure! She told us which piece of furniture she likes the most.

"Has it happened to you as well? You see a piece of furniture and want to touch it - you see a sofa or an armchair and the only thing you want is to take off your shoes and make yourself comfortable. That is what has happened to me when I first saw the Sorrento armchair by Baxter. It is a piece of furniture like no other - my very own oasis of well-being. Everyone has a favourite spot in his house or apartment. Often it is the sofa or a cosy armchair. Despite its very stylish design, the Sorrento Armchair from Baxter is really very comfortable. That is why it is my favourite armchair! »

Published on in November 2018

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