Ivano Colombo

Owner / Founder

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For Ivano Colombo, quintessence is straightforwardness, a healthy portion of eccentricity, the world of (interior) furnishing - and curiosity. He is Ticino by birth and soul. FAMIGLIA, above all his grandfather, Professor Colombo, has significantly influenced him. After high school and Lyceum, he came to Zurich - above all to learn German. Italian was spoken at home.The Italian accent remained. A characteristic feature.

He owes it to a coincidence 50 years ago to get to know the furniture industry - Neumarkt 17. Elisabeth Schwarz, partner of the company, recognized his potential and his fascination for the material. The actual beginning.

Colombo is the globetrotter among furniture stores.  After 16 years it was time for more space, a change.  Ivano Colombo met Peter Kern, then the only male editor at Annabelle. A groundbreaking encounter. Peter Kern became a business partner and companion.  In 1985 the shop was opened in the Mühle Tiefenbrunnen. In 1986 Karin Bollinger moved from purchasing in the fashion industry to Colombo - she was also looking for a new challenge. Another stroke of fate.  Colombo Centro Mobili was to retain the character of a vernissage rather than a classic furniture store. Together they led the company to success with character for 17 years. The trio was supported at all times by the great owner and landlord Fritz Wehrli.  

2003: Ivano Colombo doesn't mean to be 'the youngest' anymore. Wanderlust and the desire for some peace and quiet.  Karin Bollinger wants more private time. Yoga, travelling. Colombo was sold to Teo Jakob. With the knowledge that the inheritance will be continued in the best sense of the word.  I endured doing nothing for half a year.  2005 the turning point. The Hürlimann-Areal had extraordinary, ideal rooms available. And Ivano Colombo new energy. Karin Bollinger and Peter Kern were there immediately - Colombo celebrated rebirth and reopening in the 'old constellation'. Centro Mobili became - nomen est omen - la famiglia.  
I am too old to be young - but too young to be old.  

2015 the move to the Gold Coast. Colombo took over the generous premises of the 'Redbox' and adapted the concept accordingly - including conversion.

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