With passion and love for the seemingly invisible detail – we will help you furnish your home, your office, your holiday residence.

And we apply the same passion and love for detail to commercial dwellings; from hotels and restaurants to corporate offices.

We will help you create the ambiance you want, a place where you feel comfortable. Our products range from the sofa, the bed, the carpet, the wardrobe, the shelve, the curtain to the hand crafted vase or the Indonesian wall hanging ... and many more.


The wide range of our carefully chosen collection cannot be reduced to the names of some well-known designers – it goes far beyond: to elements outside the common boundaries of style.


What may look perfect may not necessarily be comfortable. Our collection of chairs allows you to test more than 180 chairs, stools, armchairs, and recliners.


The right lighting creates atmosphere, it gives the “kiss of life” to architecture and furniture, creates contrast, space and highlights.


Accessories are priceless in creating atmosphere. They allow a glimpse into the owner’s mind and mirror the preferences for countries, cultures and materials.


Carpets, curtains, plaids or cushions bring colour into a room, set highlights, create warmth and comfort. They give character and personality to a room.