Béatrice Kull

Béatrice Kull

Béatrice Kull, furnishing consultant & planner at Colombo la famiglia

"Our customers attach great importance to stylish design."

As the child of a family of architects, graphics and design have always been ubiquitous for Béatrice - numerous trade journals such as "Du" magazine lay around waiting to be devoured by the young Béatrice. After her apprenticeship as a structural draughtswoman, she remained true to her profession for a long time until she made a fresh start some time ago and thus entered the world of interior design.

Béatrice has been working for Colombo la famiglia for 10 years now, and with her great know-how as a furnishing consultant and planner she takes care of the needs of her customers. She describes her living style as simple and puristic with calm basics, which she enriches with colourful accessories to create a stylish and timeless ambience.

"We have demanding international customers who know their way around the world of design and whose quality standards are correspondingly high. The consulting and planning of the projects is not about me and my style, no - it is primarily about turning the visions of my customers into reality.

New Management: Eric Bourquin and Handau Johanna Zimmermann

Neue Geschäftsleitung

Colombo la famiglia: Cosy comfort à l'Italiana!

Careful change of staff at Seestrasse 9: Karin Bollinger, co-owner, managing director and furnishing consultant for decades - and for many loyal customers the face of the extraordinary design business Colombo la famiglia - withdraws from the operative management, but remains with her regular customers. New to the Driving Seat are the long-standing employees Handau Johanna Zimmermann and Eric Bourquin. The well-rehearsed team - together with "Grande Signore Ivano Colombo" - will ensure continuity and set new accents: "In the future we would like to highlight even more current furniture trends, stage the seasons with our decoration and home accessories. Now, in spring, our new garden furniture exhibition will give you a holiday feeling. We will install chirping boxes outside and the customers should feel like in the jungle. Colombo = world of experience".

Italian design and living feeling: that's how it all started.
Living at Colombo la famiglia means something different than just the right arrangement of matching and exquisite furniture, lamps, carpets and accessories.  At Colombo, competence does not manifest itself in well-conceived spaces designed for the customer.  Here the consultants create something special, unique, a living world tailored to the customer's dreams, together and at eye level with the customer. This symbiotic collaboration creates rooms with corners and edges that the soul can hold on to, with surprises that captivate the senses.

This synthesis is based on the wealth of furnishings that the members of Colombo-famiglia have discovered and collected during their visits to trade fairs and travels around the world: Furniture, new materials, colour worlds, accents and objects - current design trends, staged and interpreted with exclusive brands such as Baxter, Flexform, Poliform, Rimadesio - to name but a few.

Colombo la famiglia may be a stranger to you, but when you leave the house you don't just feel understood, you feel taken care of. The nice thing about it is that you can take a piece of this feeling home with you, because it lives on in every object from Colombo. Handau Johanna and Eric, the new duo at the head of Colombo la famiglia, guarantee that this will remain so in the future!


All the offspring needs

6 December 2018. To enrich our house, minigalleria - Home of Baby Brands - opened its flagship store on the top floor in May 2018. The baby specialist store offers a wide range of well-known premium brands such as Bugaboo and Cybex.


On more than 330 square meters, parents and grandparents can shop strollers, car seats, baby furniture and much more for their offspring, while having a cup of tea or coffee. minigalleria offers an excellent customer serve and the top premium brands and products of the baby industry in the areas of mobility, baby living as well as accessories and toys.



At minigalleria, quality and customer excellence are top priorities. The range includes products from renowned premium brands and manufacturers, such as Bugaboo, Cybex, gb, Stokke, Done by Deer, Leander, Elements Optimal, Belly Bandit or Elodie Details. With well over 2,000 items, minigalleria offers the largest selection of premium baby products in Switzerland. Whether home decor for the baby room or unique ideas for birth gifts or gift ideas for baby showers, the offer is varied and exclusive. The excellent service also includes a free stroller service after six months, and the sales team supports customers with any inquiries. minigalleria is the starting point for all lifestyle-oriented parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles who only want the best for their offspring.


minigalleria, Seestrasse 9, 8702 Zollikon

Ivano Colombo's Home

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